The Johnstones

Alliance Management initially managed one 15 unit apartment building for me. As I acquired additional properties, I compared Alliance with other management companies and ultimately changed management on 2 additional buildings (8 unit and 60 unit) to Alliance because of their quality of service.

Alliance management capably handles all the day to day operations, following any specific instructions that I have given them. When unexpected situation arise they handle them well so I have not had to be involved in any routine management issues. At the same time whenever there are overall management decisions that require my input they appropriately contact me. They provide excellent expertise in providing advice. Once decisions are made on a course of action they follow through in a timely fashion.

I have been very pleased with their approach to marketing and tenant retention. They have been excellent in implementation and follow through when projects or complex issues have required special attention. Their operational and financial reports

are timely and complete.

Alliance Management has a very capable staff that is prompt to respond to phone calls and emails. I highly recommend Alliance Management for apartment services.

Sincerely yours,

M.A. Johnstone