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Property Analysis

Site Audit: Our first step when we begin the management of a building is to perform a full site audit. This includes evaluation of the external appearance of the building, the grounds, common areas, individual apartment units and the basic building structure and systems.

Based on our assessment, we will recommend what improvements need to be made to increase the attractiveness of the property to both prospective and existing tenants and to operate the property in the most cost effective manner.

Site Improvements: We provide project management services for the planning and installation of the needed improvements. Our goal is to make smart improvements that are designed to generate the most added value to your property at the most effective cost.

Marketing & Sales

Market Survey: In addition to the site audit, we will perform a market analysis for the property to determine the most competitive rental rates. Using our own extensive rental database and other market sources we will review comparable properties, assess the appropriate target resident market and note the key features needed to attract that target market.

Marketing Plan: Based on the market survey we will sit down with you to discuss a marketing plan for the property. The plan will include a description of the target market, what improvements need to be made to rent to that market, a year rental pro forma and a sales campaign plan.

Sales & Marketing Campaign: We customize a sales and marketing campaign for each property taking into account the target tenant population. A typical sales and marketing campaign includes listing your property on our company’s rental website and syndicating that content to various online sources including, Postlets, HotPads, Trulia, Zillow, Oodle and more! Professional signage is also placed on-site that is easily viewed by potential renters driving by the property.

Property Management

Assignment of Resident Manager: We assign an on-site property manager to your property. The resident manager will work with us to ensure that the recommended site improvements are implemented and launch the sales campaign. We hire, train and supervise all resident managers on an ongoing basis to have strong sales, bookkeeping and maintenance skills and, most importantly, to provide excellent customer service to the tenants.

On-site Management: Superior customer service to tenants is of utmost importance to the success of a building. It is for this reason that every property we manage has its own resident manager. The resident manager provides tenants with on call support for leasing, repairs and other concerns. The resident manager is also responsible for the enforcement of the property rules and regulations. We believe very strongly in strict enforcement of the rules to make sure that our tenants have a positive experience living at our properties.

Leasing: To enhance a highly positive customer experience, our onsite rental offices have a professional appearance. Well dressed and informed residential managers provide information and tours of the site. Rental applications can be submitted in person to the residential manager, by fax to our central office or online. Our central office processes all applications to ensure uniform high quality tenants.

Screening: Each applicant is professionally screened for credit, criminal and prior rental history. We take this review very seriously, as fundamental to the success of a building are responsible tenants who will contribute to a safe, quiet environment. Once we approve an application, we will negotiate the rental agreement and make sure they are signed as expeditiously as possible.

Maintenance: An important function of the resident manager is to make sure that the property stays well maintained. Alliance Management has a policy that any request for repair must be addressed within 24 hours of the request being made. In addition to ongoing repairs, we create a maintenance schedule to make sure that both the appearance and underlying integrity of the building continue to be of the highest quality.

Rent Collection: We take away all of your stress and worries by making sure all tenants pay on a timely basis. When tenants are late, we take responsibility by applying the appropriate notice and eviction procedures. Just leave it up to us!

Bill Payment: We make timely payments of all bills related to the property. We pride ourselves in maintaining strong relationships with vendors and high quality credit, both of which are essential to smooth operations and future opportunities.

Property Reports: We provide you with thorough and timely reports to inform you on the performance of your property. These reports include:

  • Detailed monthly operating statement
  • Monthly income and expense variance analysis
  • Monthly actual/budget comparison report
  • Periodic property audits and inspection
  • Weekly occupancy, financial and inspection reports

Leveraging of Technology & Resources: To reduce costs and increase efficiency, we look continuously for ways to use technology and other resources to eliminate unneeded labor. Wherever possible, we take advantage of integrated software, online processing and streamlined procedures.

Ongoing Supervision & Best Practices: Alliance Management holds weekly meetings with all of its resident manages to check on renting status, marketing efforts, notices to vacate, repairs and any other issues related to the physical property. The weekly meeting also provides a forum for best practices to continuously improve the marketing and maintaining of the buildings we manage. These meetings are led by our senior management and are considered essential to the success of each property.

Asset Management

Beyond the marketing and maintaining of a building is the creation of long term value. Decisions made for the operation of the properties are made with an eye to the long term. Therefore, in addition to the daily operational decisions being made, Alliance continues to track and evaluate the resident market to make sure that the buildings it manages will continue to meet emerging customer demand.

We further realize you may change your plans for your building and decide at some point to sell it. Alliance Management can work with you to position your building for optimal returns.

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